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Please note during the month of May and October all the National parks will be partially closed, we cannot pre book any safaris only accommodation & transportation can be booked. | All safaris during May & October are subject to availability on (direct payment basis). | Best time to visit all the National Parks in Assam from Nov to April.

A brief glimpse of Pobitora

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the grasslands of Assam which is the dwelling place of the Greater Indian One-Horned Rhinoceroses with its highest population in the whole world. It is landlocked by Assamese villages from every side of it with the traditional Assamese culture. Overall, the terrain of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a breathtaking experience for a traveler or an admirer of nature.

Live the Wilderness

  Success Story  
The conservation model involving forest staff and fringe inhabitants is working wonderfully for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary...
  River Dolphin  
Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) is a freshwater dolphin ("Susu" or "Hihu"), distributed in the Ganges-Brahmaputra ...
  Avi Fauna  
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has more than 190 species of birds, including many disappearing birds like the Spot-billed...
  Oriental Pied Hornbill  
Oriental Pied have a large size, attractive colors, big crooked yellow beaks and a hollow hornlike structure or “casque”...
  In & Around Pobitora  
The village of Mayong is engulfed with nature, near the Brahmaputra and Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary,...
  One horned rhino in Assam  
Pobitora is popularly known as ‘miniature Kaziranga’ for its highest density of one horned rhino in Assam....
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