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River Dolphin in Assam  
The fresh eater Dolphins or South Asian River Dolphins are primarily found in the rivers of Ganga and Brahmaputra in India. It is often called as ‘Susu’ or ‘Hihu’ in the local dialect. It can mainly be seen in the South Asia namely the Indian Subcontinent Region. Scientifically called as ‘Platanista gangetica,' these rare Dolphins have survived through the ages in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. Recognized by the Government of India as the National Aquatic Animals, these species are considered to have a whole number of mere 2500 around the world.

Being the inhabitants of the river Brahmaputra, the fresh water Dolphins are also known as the Gangetic Dolphins. The Brahmaputra has run its flow in the Northeast region of India and particularly Assam. The state of Assam is renowned for the increasing number of forests and survived wild species. Apart from the famous one horned Rhinoceros, which is one of the most popular attractions for tourists in India, it also has a known large number of the survived and well bred fresh water Dolphins. While the number of these mammals are rapidly decreasing elsewhere, the still unpolluted water of the river Brahmaputra remains as the home of the largest number of these Gangetic Dolphins. And most sadly that is also into a threat of a rapid decrease.

As the dolphins live in the muddy river water their eyesight has degenerated and the have become partially blind. Although they can detect light and darkness beneath the water and can move incredibly fast. Their hearing is very strong and they can hear very well in the air and water alike. Having a brownish color of the body, these species are unique because they can move to their sides. These dolphins do not usually survive in captive and cannot be trained for the entertainment of human like the marine dolphins because of their poor eyesight.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the major living areas of these river dolphins. For the tourists, the authority of Pobitora organizes boat trip that can give sightings of river Dolphins. As these creatures are immensely shy and have unpredictable quick movements, The sightings of these freshwater mammals are rare and they usually vanish beneath the surface of the water before one can capture the sightings into a frame.

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